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Havanese Club of Northern California

The Havanese Club of Northern California has created a Cookbook compiled of recipes from members and non-members of their favorite family “tried and true” human recipes (main courses, salads, desserts, etc), canine recipes, and a special section too for Cocktails!  It has been a project in the works for over 2 years and is now at the printers.  We even have a recipe submitted by a famous professional, Chef Narsai David, a pioneer of California Cuisine!

This cookbook will be spiral bound for ease of use and the pages are thick so they won’t tear easily.  It is a very nice, professionally created cookbook.  Thanks go to the clubs Cookbook Committee for all their hard work, Joe Chen, Pattie Zielke and Rafe Schindler.

I hope you all take advantage of this wonderful opportunity that will be a family keepsake we are sure.