All Havanese Enthusiasts both non members and members welcome to our events!!!


Our Humans

  The HCNC is a member club of the Havanese Club of America and fully supports the HCA and the standard set with the AKC.

  Our Club offers a variety of fun for everyone. We are committed to educate the public about this wonderful breed we cherish, to end puppy mills, and to support any owner of a Havanese.

  We invite all Northern California Havanese owners to join us!

More Wag, Less Bark

Havanese Extraordinaire

​         ​​HCNC
P.O. Box 1832
Orangevale, CA

​June 11th ​​-​ Woofstock, Vallejo
​Pending ​- ​Tracy (?)
​October 29th ​-​ Dixon
​November 27th ​–​ Stockton


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Havanese Club of Northern California

June 11th Woofstock Meeting will be held on the right side of McCormack Hall. Look for the RV with two canopies.